Whether you're looking for dance classes for kids, musical theatre, ballet, hip-hop, voice and acting classes, you'll definitely be able to find a class here that your child will love!

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Classic Melodies Performance Institute is a full performing arts academy. We offer beginner to advanced training in voice, dance, acting, musical theatre, and instruments. In addition to training, we provide a home base for you to gain experience performing in ballets, musicals, plays and showcases throughout the year.

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Love Broadway Shows?! Musical Theatre is the class for you! Study Broadway dance styles, voice, and acting. With a focus on technique, students will build audition and musical theatre skills and will have the chance to perform in this style in our productions. Students will love working and creating as an ensemble as they work towards a common goal through performance. Musical Theatre Classes will have the opportunity to perform musicals and/or cabarets, revues, and showcase pieces best suited for the age/level/abilities of each class.

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Our dance classes are designed with the whole child in mind. Dance class will help students develop motor skills, confidence, cognitive thinking skills and an overall strong foundation that will develop their fullest potential in the area of study while aiding in socialization, love of learning and readiness for more advanced skills. This is a strong early childhood arts program taught in a nurturing, fun, safe and engaging method catering to children between the ages of 2 - 6.

This program includes classes and programs like: Broadway Buddies, Broadway Babies, Tiny Toes, Creative Movement, Tiny Tappers & Jazz Hands, Tiny Thespians.

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Students are placed with a group of students at their same age and ability level to learn improvisation, audition techniques, memory skills, group acting and reacting, imagination games, focusing techniques & perform at least twice during the year to show what they have learned in class. This class will lay a strong foundation for the screen or the stage.

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Students in this age range are placed with a group of students at their same age and ability level to expand upon improvisation skills, auditioning skills, ensemble work, relaxation and role playing, character building, & theater games to expand their knowledge of the focus and attention required to be a good actor.This level also focus on audition packets to help them with auditions for the stage and screen. These students will perform at least twice during the year to learn how to build a role from the beginning to the production!

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Advanced Drama is by placement. We require a pre-requisite of Intermediate drama, or place you here at the directors discretion. We study many different acting techniques, including but not limited to Cohen, Adler, Stanislavsky, and more. You will learn classical and contemporary acting in addition to the “Harold” improv technique. This is a stage and film acting class where you will learn to live outside your box armed with confidence & a strong acting tools to be successful in your craft and/or life.

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We offer formal training in ballet from beginner to pre-professional. Beginner students begin with a one hour per class per week. Students in Level II/III are encouraged to take two 1 hr. & 1/2 weekly classes per week. Students in level IV/Dance Theatre are encouraged to take three 3 - 1 hr 1/2 ballet classes per week.

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Students on this track must take the recommended number of ballet hours per week at each level and continue their study year round supplementing with additional classes recommended by Ballet Director.

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Pointe students are required to take three weekly ballet classes. Pointe students are placed on pointe at the discretion of their instructor when age, development and readiness are in place.

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We offer beginner through advanced formal ballet training which can be used to supplement other programs or taken as a stand alone ballet class. Our Teen/Adult ballet combo or adult only classes offer drop in options with no obligation to take additional classes or a certain number of classes per week.

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With a basis in technique we explore different styles of jazz dance. i.e Broadway, Contemporary & Commercial Jazz. We focus on proper placement and execution of leaps, jumps, turns in addition to practicing memory retention through our combinations at the end of class. We build a strong foundation in technique so that as they progress they feel confident in any dance they try.

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We offer tap class from Beginner-Advanced. We focus on growing the students rhythm, and agility as well as combination retention. We lay a strong foundation in our beginner levels so that when it is time to try more advanced steps, the students are ready to execute it safely and with confidence.

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In hip-hop we focus on the different styles that can be seen throughout the genre. If you love dancing to tik-toks and music videos this is a great class for you. It is strongly encouraged that students in this class take a jazz class. If on a competition team then it is a requirement.

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We explore movement and contemporary dance techniques. Here the student will expand upon their dance training and vocabulary while having an opportunity to express their selves through movement. We explore contemporary dance through floor exercises, across the floor, and combinations.

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Top Note is our premiere performance show troupe. This group learns to sing, dance, and perform together as a team. We have performed internationally on cruises, at Disney, on a NYC Broadway stage and more. This is a first place national overall winning team with three levels.

*Inquire today about auditioning for the correct level for you!

Petite Note

Elite Note

Top Note

Auditions are required to join the team as well as a private CMPI voice lesson. Students should be enrolled in a jazz class to be able to execute and pick up on the choreography for this group quickly and with precision. Students should plan to take a voice lesson and dance class throughout the entire year as well as available for performances year round.

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We are offer adult classes in ballet, tap/jazz and drama. Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to strengthen your skill set we have a class for you.

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Students can choose between a 30 minute or one hour lesson. We focus on technique and how to healthfully produce sound on a consistent basis. Your voice is your instrument. Let our CMPI Vocal professionals teach you how to use it!

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We offer private and group sessions. Please message us for a slot. Train with some of the industry's best voice over professionals.

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We offer private instrumental lessons in 30 minute sessions. We teach beginning through advanced level.

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We offer private dance lessons to hone your skills and work on your technique in a particular style. Students taking a private dance lesson should also take a group class in order to be considered for performances.

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